So, it begins, the construction industry

is back open for business

We have experienced a whirlwind couple of months since isolation started, but this week kicked the construction industry back into gear as it was announced on Wednesday, that companies could reopen sites and send their employees back to work.

It has not been a smooth journey for any business, there has been news of construction firms closing their doors, employees regretfully made redundant and even more waiting with anticipation as the furlough scheme has been extended for an additional four months. The national debt currently equates to 79.1% GDP, compared to 230% in the 1940’s. Given the need for an emergency response to funds and the realistic assumption that more borrowing will occur, the economy could face similar challenges such as those at the end of the 1940’s.

Could the construction industry be the catalyst for economic recovery?

As all eyes are watching to see what happens next across the sector, it will no doubt be a week on week uphill climb to get the industry back to work at its full potential.

What do we know so far?

If we were hoping for a good introduction back into working life, we have certainly received one. This week has been a step by step process with promising news across the industry of companies leading the charge on reigniting its workforce. Let’s recap on this week so far;

We still remain in a critical stage to how we proceed during the Covid-19 transition back to normality. It seems impossible to plan beyond the tasks at hand, given the volatile nature of the virus and the unplanned response the economy may have. Strategic growth for the construction industry is vital and needs to be fuelled by government investment and an agile approach.

Finding talent in the right places

While projects that were previously on hold are picking up the pace, and the urgency to not fall further behind on completion dates rises, the need for high-quality talent is back to being a growing demand. At Chandler Harris we have built a talent pool of candidates that allows us to alleviate the pressure from clients in finding the right professional for the job. With an impressive record of quick turn arounds on placements and being able to fulfill any open vacancies or growth positions, we are confident and ready to support the construction industry through every step of its reopening.

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