Modern methods of construction post-Covid-19

It has recently been thrown into question about how effectively the construction industry can operate while being compliant with social distancing regulations. How can we future-proof the sector to allow for professionals to return to work swiftly? We have seen incredible strides taken in recent times of adversity, for example, the construction of hospitals in such a short period of time and adapting to the fight against Covid-19. The Nightingale hospitals across the UK, especially the ExCel Centre in London was a 4,000-bed hospital spanning 20 acres, built in just 9 days. How did they achieve it? Modular construction. Read more ...

But, like most ideas and trends, will this succeed in the test of time and demand?




Part 1: Ace that interview

So, you’ve secured the Interview- now the fun begins. Preparation is KEY, so what should happen next? Thoroughly research the company, know the competitors and the industry. That doesn't just mean looking at the company website - that is the minimum, and people that do the minimum rarely win the day. Dig deeper ... Read more

If you do all of the above then you are going the extra mile and showing the interviewer that you are serious about your career and being as best prepared as possible. Stay tuned for part 2 of these top tips ...




New found desire for sustainable living

We have all experienced the unexpected strain that living in isolation can have on, not only our mental wellbeing, but its impact on our physical health. If working from home is going to be adopted as a long-term strategy, then house building as we know it needs to evolve. Read more

Our question; how will this change the expectations of candidates entering or progressing in the sector?




3 technologies that would revolutionise the construction industry

Construction is a tricky industry to wrap your head around when considering the possibilities for integrating technology. It has been consistently criticised for being slow-moving, unwilling to innovate, and inefficient. The application of technology, however, is not straight forward, hence why the fundamental construction practices have not changed a huge amount over the years. Read more

If there are one thing construction needs, it is a reliable and efficient selection of technologies that can make the transition we are currently experiencing not only easier but provide a long-term much-needed investment.




Will offices every return to how it was pre-Covid-19?

The changes we are experiencing across, not just the construction industry, but all sectors, has a lot of people wondering what we can expect in the coming weeks and months as restrictions are lifted. However, the fundamental question that is starting to make its debut, is do we want things to go back to how they were? Is it even possible? Read more

What global examples have we seen of businesses returning to work and utilising technology to ease the transition? This is a topic we would be very keen to discuss and gain more insights.




What will our towns and cities face as a new version of normality?

There is yet to be an industry or location, that has been unaffected or challenged by Covid-19. All across the globe, plans are being scrapped, business models redefined and an approach to everyday life is having to make drastic changes. Read more

It will take a consistent form of analysis on what is happening across the construction industry to see what changes are made as a permanent solution or a short-term sustainable fix. We want to ensure we are providing ongoing updates for our clients and candidates to access so they can make informed decisions and we can support them with all the information as our disposal. Get in touch with Colin and me to discuss your next steps.




So, it begins, the construction industry is back open for business

We have experienced a whirlwind couple of months since isolation started, but this week kicked the construction industry back into gear as it was announced on Wednesday, that companies could reopen sites and send their employees back to work. Read more

At Chandler Harris we have built a talent pool of candidates that allows us to alleviate the pressure from clients in finding the right professional for the job. With an impressive record of quick turn arounds on placements and being able to fulfill any open vacancies or growth positions, we are confident and ready to support the construction industry through every step of its reopening.




Every step the construction industry takes is being watched, how can a business navigate post-covid-19?

To say the construction industry has been put through its paces over the last few years would be an understatement. With the uncertainty around Brexit, high-profile safety concerns, several well-publicised insolvencies, and now, Covid-19 ... read more 

At Chandler Harris, we have lived and worked through many challenging events in life, including several recessions. If you are looking for guidance on how to handle hiring new staff, or are ready to launch a full-scale hiring drive, do not hesitate to get in touch.




Essential CV Tips: How to stand out from the crowd

The objective of a CV is to secure the interview. To do that, it needs to grab the reader's attention in a positive, professional way, so that they want to know more about you. You have a matter of seconds to make this impact so what should you do? ... read more

With over 45 years of combined recruitment industry experience, these are Colin and Nick's top 5 pearls of wisdom to help you succeed in securing that interview that could elevate your career.


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